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Your wedding is about living in the moment. The love, the laughter and even the nerves. You should feel every single second of it. But once it's over, and as the time passes, it becomes harder and harder to keep the energy of that day alive.

Pictures start to feel one dimensional.

Social media posts get buried.

Memories fade.

That's why we've helped couples all over the country preserve the true feeling of their wedding day through emotional, authentic, and reel videos that effortlessly remind you of all the stunning moments and emotions of your wedding day.

No matter how much time passes, you won't only get to relive your happiest moments of the day, but all the ones you missed as well.

This film is something you'll share with friends, family, and future generations to come.

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It’s hard to write a review for a video that simply has no equal. It’s unique in its execution and timeline for a wedding video. I may be biased (since it’s our wedding) but this video captures the magic and love that we recall from that day. It’s brings us joy, tears, and strength. It reminds us of the commitment we made and how beautiful it was. It’s the type of video you watch to get through hard times and to celebrate the good times. Hire Alex and Erin, you will never regret it!
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Words cannot explain how thankful I am for having Alex produce our wedding video. And I think that is exactly what she excelled at. The video captured the so many emotions, that I could never put in words. She elegantly puts together the most beautiful moments of your wedding and captures even the tiniest of moments. She even caught a tear the rolled down my face and onto my dress as I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams! She then gracefully transitions to the reception and it makes me travel back to one of the most fun nights of my life. I almost didn't do a video because I felt I already had pictures and did I need to do more? But I am so thankful I chose to do one. And not just a basic video that captures the ceremony from beginning to end, but rather a compilation that was done with such art and elegance. Alex is amazingly talented and is the best person to capture your wedding. I look back on our wedding video and smile from ear to ear. Thank you Alex, for allowing me to relive that day whenever I want.
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Alex truly exceeded all expectations for my wedding video! She was so easy to work with on wedding day and her and Erin got along great with our photographers making it such an enjoyable experience!! I have had so many people ask if Alex can come back to Kentucky to shoot their wedding just from one view of my wedding video. Countless people have talked about the drone shots and how beautifully Alex captured the church and the reception venue. I would hire Alex and Erin countless times over and am so grateful to have an incredible highlight video from the best day of our lives.
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I think the best artists make their craft seem a little bit like magic, and Alex definitely seemed to have worked magic when we received our wedding video. So much so that when I think back to my memories of the day, I often find myself accidentally replacing my real memories with some of Alex's vignettes. More than just capturing the day on film, the videos feel personal. She is so keenly aware of what is important about the wedding process, and her compositions reflect that: often cinematic, then intimate, then sweeping and grand, whatever the need in that moment. I am sure it has a lot to do with how thorough she was beforehand, making sure she knew what personal touches were important to us so that we could have those memories encased on film. I cannot recommend Alex's videography highly enough.
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I could not have asked for a better wedding videographer! Alex perfectly encapsulated the joy and emotion on our big day. She took the time to truly understand the sentimental details we included in our wedding and made sure to highlight them throughout the video. She was an integral part of our wedding day team and it continues to amaze me how she so flawlessly portrayed our personalities  and the pure magic of each moment. Each time I watch it I am instantly brought to tears and am beyond grateful to have our day so thoughtfully captured! I cannot thank Alex enough for creating the most beautiful memento that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!
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Alex is truly AMAZING! I usually find wedding highlight videos corny and sappy, but Alex managed to magically capture the true bliss, raw emotion, and love surrounding us on that day. Every important detail. Endless smiles. A night filled with singing and dancing and oh so many of the joyful, laughing faces we hold dearest. Alex somehow knew exactly what I would cherish most and encapsulated it into a beautifully choreographed five minutes. Anytime I watch the video, and indulge in a piece of that special day, I feel my mood uplift and can taste the pure happiness. You get the absolute best from Alex and we are forever grateful!
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